Collectius / Branding + Strategy

A debt management company who believes that everyone deserves a second chance.
Founded on the principle that “doing good is good for business”. Collectius wants to create a world where everyone, regardless of background, is financially literate. It supports people in managing their finances and creating a brighter tomorrow.
Collectius is a human brand, and the word mark is the start of it's story. It’s always used in lowercase to feel as approachable as possible–we even customised the font with all kinds of cool details to make sure of it. 
The Collectius Embrace
Nothing is as loving as something big protecting something small in an embrace, and that’s the role Collectius wants to play in the world. The “C” has been designed in a minimal way to represent an embrace, as a reminder to ourselves, and everyone else, why we’re here.



Creative Direction

Arvid Lithander

Art Direction

Naasha Mehta, Anant Ahuja


Tanveer Karan Singh, Akanksha Chandel and Anant Ahuja

Naasha Mehta and Visal Medepalli

All copyrights reserved by Anant Ahuja/Typethug

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