The Irregulars Art Fair 2019 / Branding

India's First Anti-Art Fair
TIRAF seeks to present new and undiscovered artists in spaces that were not originally created for an art exhibition, and to showcase their work in ways and forms that are not conventionally meant for displaying. The aim of TIRAF is to create a community at the intersection point of different genres of art and culture, for inventing new ones. Thereby forging an alternative space for the irregular arts, for the weird and the bizarre. 
To challenge the traditional cultural landscape of the art market. By having low cost exhibition spaces and low cost entry for art patrons, public and practitioners alike we aim to widen the arts audience in India and broaden the dialogue of what constitutes value and economy in the 21st century. To give independent artists and curators the freedom to express themselves in any way they deem fit. Providing an audience to artists working on the fringe of the established art world.
This year's concept was 'Altered Realities'. In a world where boredom runs deep and grass is always greener on the other elusive side, we ask you to let your imagination off the leash, and use all the tools in your power to create your altered reality. Be it a Shangri-La of rainbows and unicorns, dystopian cities laden with anthropomorphic creatures, marionettes controlling humans, or offices run by machines - you pick your wonderland, Alice. All the artworks created for this project were independently produced by the artist with minimum interference from the creative directors. The said artworks were artist's representation of this euphoric altered reality.

Creative Direction

Tarini Sethi, Anant Ahuja

Art Direction

Anant Ahuja, Tanveer Karan Singh


Adhiraj Singh


Tanveer Karan Singh, Anupam Kumar Singh, Meghana Didugu, Hemant Andania

All copyrights reserved by Anant Ahuja/Typethug

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