Lagoon Bay / Branding + Space Design

Lagoon Bay is a luxury 5 start hotel in Hyderabad, which offers comfort and convenience whether you're on business or holiday. They have the rustic surroundings, bright ethnic interiors and all the modern amenities to give you comfort and luxury.
When we started thinking about the ideology's for the logo, we wanted it to be extremely recognisable and relatable. The identity centres on a very distinctive, bold, colourful tiles all over the resort. The designers drew out the actual pattern from those tiles. The tiles are from pool, rooms, lobby & the lawns. We combined these patterns in way that it  forms a 'L' and a 'B' from the word Lagoon Bay.
The eye catchy identity of Lagoon Bay is juxtaposed with bright, vibrant colours to give the contemporary feel to it. The colour-scape has been picked up from the colours of the tiles in and around Lagoon Bay.



Creative Direction

Anant Ahuja

Art Direction

Meroo Seth


Rahul Pande, Gulab Saggu, Rahul Luthra, Meroo Seth

All copyrights reserved by Anant Ahuja/Typethug

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