Hunch / An Investment Portfolio / Strategy + Branding

Hunch is a group of entrepreneurs who invest in people. We believe in entrepreneurship, innovation and technologies that enable efficiencies and ease to our daily lives. It believe's that all things start with a Hunch. At Hunch, they look for partnerships and relationships, while taking pride and pleasure in growing together. They invest to add value and encourage ownership, looking for partners with core values of integrity and trust.
The labyrinth patterns were designed to be welcoming rather than being repellent. The artworks give priority to the values of Hunch as being inclusive and thought provoking and by extension, its co-working space. Using detailed, intricate patterns that have multiple entry and exit points will symbolize the ‘open’ system of collaboration. Being the opposite of what a labyrinth is usually perceived to be, is the belief that a hunch can change that world. 



Creative Direction

Harjee Kapur

Art Direction

Anant Ahuja


Osheen Siva, Anant Ahuja, Anupam Kumar Singh

All copyrights reserved by Anant Ahuja/Typethug

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