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WILOVE (pronounced; We Love) 

A combination of Natasha’s nickname Wilo and Love. It states that the brand is guided by what Natasha loves, but when read it sounds like WE LOVE which makes it social, and an invite for her fans to create with her—making it a label and clothes made of what both Wilo and her fans love.
Since we already had the following, we had the unique possibility to involve them in the brand from day one, and make them feel a part of it. Fans use their mobiles to vote on colours they love, design details, and comment to suggest ideas. Based on Natashaʼs original designs, they create a series of Hero pieces together through social media.
By collaborating with fans to finalise the first part of the collection, the fans will feel uniquely involved, and have a lot of heart for the brand from day one. And instead of posting to followers with the hope that they will buy something, they become an active part of the brand. That means that we turn 10 million fans into 10 million brand ambassadors. In a span of 1 month, WILOVE gained 70,000 organic followers​ on Instagram.



Creative Direction

Arvid Lithander

Art Direction

Anant Ahuja


Anant Ahuja, Anupam Kumar Singh

All copyrights reserved by Anant Ahuja/Typethug

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