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A self deprecating look at our own work.
'We F*cked Up' is a talk compiled by Ayaz Basrai, with an intent to encourage people to stop, and take a self-deprecating look at their own work. Presented by Asian Paints Colour Next 2017 and Design Fabric. Asian Paints had come to us with a brief for pushing out their forecasted colour of the year - teal blue.
Ayaz talked about everything from making mistakes on some of his initial poster projects, to making it mandatory to make mistakes as a part of a developing brief for the newer projects. The talk then segued into a workshop about the water bodies around us and how we feel about them.

I went around the whole city and collected water samples to be tested by a government recognised lab. The results were for people to see and react to it with a personal artwork. The whole idea was to send them home with a lot of much-needed perspective.

After the participants had finished their artworks, I worked around retrofitting laser cut pieces of their artworks onto a pre-fabricated structure. This installation is currently residing at Asian Paints' Head Office in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Asian Paints

Anant Ahuja, Sumit Roy

Art Direction
Sanket Avlani, Anant Ahuja

Anupam Kumar Singh

Workshop Directed by
Ayaz Basrai

All copyrights reserved by Anant Ahuja/Typethug

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