Stage 6 / Branding + Strategy

A co-living space for those who want to drive a positive change in the community.
Stage6 is a co-living space which brings together like minded people with aligned values to explore the collective imagination of what can be possible. It is a home for the world leading innovators and disruptors who believe in conscious evolution.
The visual treatment for stage 6 is a mix of interesting experimental compositions consisting of both type and images accentuated with the bright brand colours. The visual imagery made up of a collage enables us to create intriguing compositions that make stage6 stand apart from spaces within a similar landscape.
There is a huge opportunity of creating endless patterns with the underscore from mnemonic and the colour palette we have.



Creative Direction

Arvid Lithander

Art Direction

Anant Ahuja


Aditi Dash, Sheehij Kaul, Tanveer Karan Singh, Akanksha Chandel and Devaki Gupta

All copyrights reserved by Anant Ahuja/Typethug

MCAsset 1.png